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Pricing Your Website

The Elephant in the Room and Pricing Your Website

Once you’ve chosen the web designers whom you want to work with, there always comes that pressing question. So let’s address that elephant in the room – how much should I pay for my website?

Web design and development is a service and not a commodity, so it is hard to put a price tag on “building a website” just as it is difficult to put a price tag on “building a house” as there are so many variables like style, size, complexity, purpose and so on.

There’s a couple of things to keep in mind. Before even talking about price, you should first consider what quality of work you will receive for the price that you pay.

When you work with us at Red Scooter Websites, for example, all prices are formulated depending on your needs, wants and the features and benefits that your business requires. We do a high level of customization for our clients, and prices do vary depending on what each project commands.

Our first point of contact with potential clients is when we review their current website and analyse the options for improving it. We don’t use the same template for every client – this just wouldn’t work! Each business is different, and their websites and website functions should be as well.

At Red Scooter websites we work with you to build you a custom solution to your business plan. We don’t just build websites that work. We can also help you create your online marketing plan, if you don’t already have one.

We specialise in providing your business with responsive websites that work for your business across all modern desktop and mobile devices so you can view and update your website on the go. We help local businesses to build a new website from scratch, modify an existing website or a complete website re-design. We can also do custom design from scratch or work from modern templates, which can save you time and money.

You may have heard of the term SEO or search engine optimisation. We will work with you to optimise your website to get found and rank higher on Google and increase traffic to your website resulting in more exposure and sales for your business. You can find out more about us from our “services” page.

Making a website also involves many other costs – what about your domain name registration? Where will you host your website? When you work with us, these wouldn’t be a worry. We help you to make the experience totally hassle-free. We can handle the creation and maintenance of your website from start to finish, working with Australia’s top hosting providers. Just ask us about our convenient one-stop “set-up and maintenance” plan!

So… how much does it cost to build a website? Click on this LINK, tell us what you need, and you’ll soon find out!

To your success!

Red Scooter Team