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Quality Speed and Cost

When engaging someone to work on a project, there are three things to consider: quality, speed, and cost.

These three factors are three sides to the “quality equation”.  Picture this: “quality”, “speed” and “cost” as three sides to a triangle.  If you were to have equal sides to this triangle, you would be receiving reasonable quality work, presented in a reasonable time-frame and at a reasonable price.  This is, of course, an ideal scenario if you just wanted to have a job done satisfactorily.

On the other hand, if you had a tight deadline and client promises to fulfill, things might be a different matter.  For example, if you had an advertising deadline set for Monday for an ad which you have booked a space for at a certain time, you are essentially asking the designer whom you are hiring to work through the weekend and set aside any personal matters for that time-frame – presumably presenting a reasonable or exceptional job at the end of it.  If the “speed” and “quality” sides of your “quality equation” triangle are lengthened (you are demanding more), you should expect to pay premium rates for the extra demands.

Scrimping and saving on a few dollars might turn out to be penny-wise, pound-foolish in the end if you saved money that could have ensured you a job well done and no stress or repercussions on missing a deadline.